March Writing

There is often a lag between me submitting articles for publication and the time they arrive on the website. There wasn’t a lot to report on February’s publications but I was very busy writing. This month a few of those came out on TechTarget.

I took a look at when it makes sense to use VDI to deploy new applications, and when you should install them on the user’s device.

I have just started writing for SearchDataBackup and had a few thoughts about security considerations for cloud backups. In many ways, I view cloud security as largely an extension of your normal security policy. Often cloud solutions are used without so much thought.

Continuing my writings about VMware’s open source strategy I took a look at the Senlin cluster management project and what it means to have VMware Integrated OpenStack support Senlin.

I’m writing a VDI Monitoring and Management buyer’s guide for SearchVirtualDesktop. The guide comes out as a series of segments, the first one published is about what VDI monitoring and management means. There will be another four parts to the series over the coming months.

The final article on TechTarget was a SearchDataBackup article about hyperconverged inspired backup, a look at what Cohesity and Rubrik have to offer. I was glad that I had seen both at TechField Day and had briefings from both as they progressed product development.

Over on the Virtualization Practise, I took a contrarian view of the availability of cloud services, suggesting that failure is often a viable business decision.

I have also been thinking about the changed Microsoft. We can all agree that Microsoft has done a lot of things in the last two years that would have been inconceivable five years ago. I think that the key reason is that they are fully committed to Azure as the future of the company.

Another grumpy old man post is about the fad of saying that every company needs to be a software company. The statement annoys me, software is a tool of the business, any like any tool will be used where it is valuable.

Finally, for March, I keep thinking about what the future of IT looks like and whether Hyperconverged is the future or just a phase along the way. I am inclined to think that HCI vendors will keep adding capabilities that eat away at IT administration tasks.

April is going to be another very busy month. Tomorrow I’m flying out to Houston to spend a week with HPE. We are going to create the first vBrownBag Build Day. The aim is to show you the process of deploying a product, in this case the HC380 Hyperconverged platform, as if you were doing the job yourself. The concept stems from my experience of working at an integrator and being sent to deploy products with minimal training on the product. We will be showing the process and covering the product architecture and its context in your datacenter. I also think that education is an important part of the sales process, technical staff want to understand products before the agree to deploy.

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