Writing in May

I’m in the middle of some crazy travel. Dell/EMC world in Las Vegas at the start of May then home. Silicon Valley for the Ravello/Oracle blogger briefing last week, home this week. On Sunday I head back over the Pacific for HPE Discover back in Vegas. I don’t plan any more long-haul travel in June, but July, August, and September will all have a lot of miles. This is the result of my choice to live in New Zealand but work largely for US businesses. One of the great things has been seeing so many of my friends on these trips, there is nothing like sharing a meal with a table full of friends.


I wrote for SearchDisasterRecovery about the concept of using Canary files to detect the actions of ransomware, then WannaCry blew up in mass media.

The VDI Management and Monitoring Buyer’s Guide continues. The third article is about what to expect your tools to do and the fourth looks at a few of the top products in the category.

For SearchDataCenter I looked at using data fabrics for cross-cloud mobility.

TVP Strategy

I continued the theme of getting the benefits of Hyperconverged without using hyperconverged. This article focusses on policy-based management, my favorite part of HCI.
I also looked at how inflexible AWS is as an IT provider, they really are the department of NO.

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