Conference Season Begins, Dell Technologies World

The spring conference season is upon us, and particularly upon me. I am starting the season with a trip to Dell Technologies World (DTW) in Las Vegas at the end of April. I will be attending the conference as the guest of Dell, who will provide my flights, hotel accommodation, probably some nice hospitality, and access to some interesting people. I am interested to see the continued merging of the EMC and Dell data center product lines. Now that the initial dust has settled I expect to see some announcements around the development of some products and silence about others. This will tell us the makeup of the combined storage product line. After the Dell presentation at TFD16 in February, my interest in managing fleets of x86 servers is renewed, so I will be looking for more stories about how easy it is to manage dozens of servers. For me, this is a great comparison to the ease of management that we expect from HyperConverged products. While I’m talking about HCI, I really do need to learn a bit more about Dell’s VxRail product as I hear that it is hugely successful.

I will be in Las Vegas April 29th to May 2nd, although DTW continues until the 3rd. It will be a big geek week in Las Vegas, InteropITX will be in town the same week. I have a pass for Interop, so may see people there as well as at DTW.

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  1. Good luck in your trip, Alastair!
    I would love to see a build day with VxRail in vbrowbag.

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