AutoLab 3.0 released

I could not believe that is was so long since I did an AutoLab release.

Then I completed this release in June and started the testing, six weeks later testing is complete and I have even updated the deployment guide. Now I know why AutoLab releases take so long, I needed to test two different operating systems with three different vSphere releases and two Horizon View versions inside the lab and four different virtualization platforms.

The great news is that AutoLab v3.0 supports vSphere 6.5 and 6.7 as well as all the older versions. Horizon 7.0 and 7.5 are supported, as is Windows Server 2016.

This is the last version of AutoLab that will be Windows based. My plan for the next version is to use a single Linux appliance to replace the NAS, Router, and Domain Controller. The Windows VC will be replaced by the VCSA, as it has in all my lab environments. This will be a significant effort, so there may be another long wait for a new version!!

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  1. Vtwindude says:

    One thing to note, this version being Windows you can actually test the vCconverter tool from Windows to vcsa in the lab and see it work.

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