Helios, Now with Apps on Your Cohesity Cluster

This month, Cohesity announced a marketplace for applications that can run directly on the Cohesity cluster. This is an excellent development from their Analytics Workbench which allowed custom written reporting applications to be run on the cluster. The marketplace, part of the Helios management platform, now enables software vendors to package their applications and offer deployment onto your Cohesity cluster. The initial offerings I have seen on the marketplace include Splunk for analytics and Imanis Data which is an interesting cloud-native backup vendor. What sort of applications would be useful on the Cohesity platform and what would be a poor choice?

The Cohesity is a data management platform, so a good application to run on the cluster will be very data focused. These applications will create insight from the existing data copies on the Cohesity platform. Another characteristic of the Cohesity platform is that it uses low core count Intel CPUs, so the applications must be able to get their work done with a moderate amount of CPU time. Another characteristic is that the applications will be mostly asynchronous; you must be prepared to wait for an answer. I don’t mean that the UI will be unresponsive but that the Cohesity platform suits analytics and intelligence functions more than real-time operations. Plenty of applications will not suit deployment on the Cohesity platform; it is not a general-purpose compute platform. This is not a place to run business applications like your databases, CRM or ERP system; those belong on your primary storage with high-performance physical servers and virtual machines.
The initial applications available from the Helios store are focused on reporting and analytics. I will be interested in seeing what other applications turn up in the store. I am also interested in how Cohesity customers might develop their own applications for this new platform. I understand that there are Docker containers, Kubernetes, and resource controls hidden under the covers so it should not be too hard to add customer-developed applications.

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