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This week I will be at Edge Field Day in San Francisco, I’m looking forward to being back in person with my old and new Tech Field Day friends. Speaking of things that are both old and new, this will be my first proper chance to talk to Scale Computing about their complete transformation from an HCI provider to small businesses into a provider of edge computing for massive companies. The transition has been amazing. Small businesses with small budgets and generalist IT staff loved Scale Computing’s platform because it was cost-effective and mostly self-managing. Unsurprisingly, many edge use cases love a cost-effective platform that is largely self-managing, since they have no IT staff at the edge locations. The transformation has really been around how you scale the deployment and management of huge numbers of these cost-effective clusters. The last time I had an open discussion with Scale Computing (pre-covid, it has certainly been a while), they were getting the automated mass-deployment tooling together so I’m looking forward to hearing and seeing how it works now. I’m hoping to also hear about more application-centric tools as a lot of edge-compute deployments are driven by specific applications and the need to deliver those same applications to hundreds or thousands of locations. Join me for the live stream of the Scale Computing session as well as all of the Edge Field Day sessions.

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