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This year (2024) is shaping up to be a very exciting time. I have joined a few of my friends at the Futurum Group. You may recognize that name as where Keith Townsend took the CTO Advisor, and Stephen Foskett took Tech Field Day. It is also the home of the Evaluator Group and a few other smaller organizations that are much greater than the sum of their parts. But back to me, I am joining Keith as part of the CTO Advisor and working with the Signal65 Labs team. You will likely see me interviewing industry executives at conferences for the CTO Advisor and doing hands-on projects with interesting products and technologies.

I will continue to look at products through a lens of the complexity of real-world deployment: multiple products and vendors that need to work together, shortages of resources, challenges with people and internal politics. I look forward to having more science from the Signal65 Labs team; they have great experience in product evaluation and performance testing.

At this stage, neither vBrownBag nor Build Day Live are involved; they remain independent and community-focused. I think there will be some great opportunities for community technical expertise to be a foundation for educating others about these technical topics. As we have previously done, having vendors pay for creating the content allows you to consume and learn for free.

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About Alastair

I am a professional geek, working in IT Infrastructure. Mostly I help to communicate and educate around the use of current technology and the direction of future technologies.
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