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In December I and a few other bloggers spent a couple of days in Boston as the guest of SimpliVity. We spent a while talking about their products now and what we thought would be good for the future. I enjoyed my time there and enjoyed both the very cool product and the great people. Now I’m thinking of those same people’s homes with a few feet of snow, while I’m enjoying New Zealand’s summer.

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A very interesting part of the SimpliVity solution is a custom add-in card. This has my electronics design background excited. Gate arrays and special purpose hardware is fun stuff. If you thought that HyperConverged meant that hardware wasn’t important then the SimpliVity architecture might be a surprise.

I’m now delighted to be joining SimpliVity for a HyperConverged Global Tour, or at least the part that is in my region. I will be talking about the why and what of HyperConvergence. I’ll be joined by people who know far more about SimpliVity to talk about their products.

I’m looking forward to my eleven city tour with SimpliVity, particularly starting with Manila and Jakarta in March. I’ve never been to either of these cities and visiting new cities is always interesting. The tour continues with KL and Singapore. Later the tour will cover major cities in Australia and New Zealand from April into May. Book your seat at the presentation here.

For those of you outside the Asia Pacific region there will be tours in the US and Europe. Scott Lowe (not the one who works at NSX) will be speaking in 20 cities in the US. In Europe the language diversity means there will be several community people presenting, Chris Evans will cover the English speaking countries. It’s a shame I won’t get to go to their regions, these guys are worth listening to.

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