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As I deployed Workspace I was a little concerned that the only administrator user ID is the one that you use to bind Workspace to AD. Naturally this is a service account and has a complex password. Remembering the service account password in order to manage the portal is unacceptable. I also couldn’t see anything in the administration guide about how to make another user and administrator. Happily a VMware support engineer showed me the very easy way to promote a user to an administrator of the portal.


First logon to Workspace as an existing administrator, in my case VI-Admin. Then switch to the Administration Console and select Users and Groups. Use the search box at the top right to find the user you need to elevate.


Click on the user and look for the Role(s) area, click on User


Select Promote to Administrator and clock Save.


Now the user will show as having the Administrator role.


When this user logs into Workspace they will now be able to launch the administration console.

There does not seem to be any way to give a group administrative rights, so you will need to individually entitle users. Also there is no differentiation of administrators, you are either a user or an administrator.

The ability to make more users administrator allows Workspace to be securely managed by multiple staff. Even if there is only one person who manages Workspace it is a good idea to have two accounts that can administer, in case one account gets broken.

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